Friday, January 22, 2010

Who Else Want Microsites?

The Secret of Microsites

A Microsite is a micro website, small compared to a manufacturer’s primary website, Purpose of a microsite focuses on communicating a message for selling a product. In short, it’s a marketing tool one microsite for one product.

A Microsite typically has 1 page about the product, may be some offers. Hardly takes a day to create. A Microsite can represent your product or offer which might take many days for a crawler to crawl in your primary website, the reasons are as follows:
  • Single page that focus on a product, whereas a Primary website has to project many products.
  • The style can be different than the primary site. This won’t affect the primary site look and feel
  • Being product specific visitors even do not have to click many pages to view the product.
  • The navigation makes it hard to find a product in the primary site.
  • Gets faster search engine rankings.
  • A microsite can be updated easily as it has got a very few pages.
  • Microsite focuses on a specific Brand making the microsite a brand identity site.

Here is a Method That is Helping product sales grow to new level

If you plan for a marketing statergy that requires websites and microsites, I can deliver a suite of customized solutions to meet your marketing needs.From Facebook apps to multi-user functional websites I can develop all, I help you gain more leads, more engagements, more sales, and more referrals.

Have a microsite network you can be proud of

At the end regardless of the tool used either CMS or static site, build a site that is cheap to build easy to manage, big with idea and great with concept.

There is a heavy competition between Drupal and WordPress, as they are the most ready to go platforms for quick development projects. Both have strong frameworks but lots of between Drupal and WordPress to decide the best platform for your project.



  • By far the most popular blogging platform
  • Easy to install — even for non-technical users
  • Built-in SEO-friendly features
  • Huge support community
  • Thousands of free skins, design themes and plug-ins to provide additional functionality


  • Built as a true content management framework
  • Provides a Content Construction Kit(cck) offering basic-level of customization out of the box
  • Platform features offer additional customizability and interoperability
  • More extensive skins and design theme capabilities



  • Can have challenges when supporting multiple blogs and authors
  • Supports basic social networking tools, but integration of custom community functionality can be time-consuming
  • Not strictly designed as a content management system


  • Steeper learning curve; generally requires more development time
  • Includes blogging functionality, but only as part of the overall framework and not as a core feature
  • Fewer readily available modules (equivalent of WorPress plug-ins)
Have you seen pagelime? Static sites can be easily managed by pagelime. Page lime is a paid service though. Wordpress mu might be a good option as well.

Contact me the best option.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Mysql

At this time, MySQL mainly targeted smaller and middle web applications, web sites like microsites for consumer goods, content management systems and many others. Back then, the so called "Enterprise Market" wasn't really a target as Oracle, DB2 and others were deep inside the Enterprise and had features MySQL couldn't compete with.
Enterprises are looking for cheaper IT infrastructure. With web architecture, they do not only get scalable systems. They are also thinking if they really need an Oracle or DB2 for their systems - or if a PHP5/MySQL5 would suffice their needs. And I can't believe that Oracle's sales force would sell MySQL subscriptions into the Enterprise in these cases if Oracle would own MySQL.

And this is one of the reasons why MySQL must not be owned by Oracle - to give Enterprises a chance to make the transition to web architecture and cheaper infrastructure.

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